Molodezhka (Junior League)
Molodezhka (Junior League)


Molodezhka (Junior League)

The "Bears" have never been the youth league's top team. The goalkeeper is a little bit too sluggish, the defense players are too lazy, and the leaders are too much involved in getting the better of the others. They are able to enter the pitch, but can't make a good game together… But from now on thing's are going to be different, as the team is taken over by Sergei Makeyev (Denis Nikiforov), a young coach. He used to be an NHL star, but a trauma made him give up his career and return to Russia. The newly-minted coach is faced with an impossible task of winning the championship and building up a team of first-class players. Makeyev must turn his guys into real bears, who are able to tear their opponents to pieces in order to win… But it's a very hard task, as his team have other interests, such as school, friends and, of course, girls. In addition, the club manager in not happy with an ambitious new coach…


Denis Nikiforov
… Makeyev, the coach
Mikhail Zhigalov
… Stepan Arkadievich Zharski, the Bears' old coach
Fedor Bondarchuk
… Oleg Igorevich Kalinin, a tycoon
Sergei Gabrielyan
… Vasily Gennadievich Frolov (VasGen), the Bears' physician
Vladimir Zaitsev
… Vadim Yurievich Kazantsev, the club's sports director
Genre drama, sport
Country Russia, 2013
Duration 48 min.
Director Sergei Arlanov
Producers Vyacheslav Murgunov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Dmitri Tabarchuk, Sergei Arlanov, Dmitri Rudovski
Script Leonid Kuprido, Alexander Bulynko, Alexander Tykun, Sergei Olekhnik