Must Get Married ASAP
Must Get Married ASAP


Must Get Married ASAP

Zhenya is a workaholic magazine editor; Stas is a high-class photographer. She is full of ambitions; his life, in turn, lacks purpose or any particular challenges. Zhenya aspires to become her magazine's editor-in-chief – and she has what it takes, except for one thing… she must find herself a husband, ASAP! The publishing company's shareholders have declared that a magazine with a family audience must be edited by a family woman. Zhenya has only one week to fulfill the requirements. Stas volunteers to help her, since, as a fashionable photographer, he knows quite a few eligible bachelors that would gladly play the part of Zhenya's husband. But, all of a sudden, Zhenya realizes that she is not as shrewd as she thought, and Stas is surprised to discover that he is in love.


Yuliya Kovalchuk
Aleksey Chumakov
Raisa Ryazanova
Sergey Burunov
Ekaterina Malikova
Roman Madyanov
Nonna Grishaeva