Yes and Yes
Yes and Yes


Yes and Yes

He is a beginner modern artist; she is a beginner schoolteacher. Their chance meeting blossoms into a passionate but fleeting love affair. An ugly accident forces them to part. But now that she has seen the world through her lover's eyes, the young teacher returns to her former life with the mind of an artist, and no matter what she does, she cannot get rid of this new vision, this painter's gift… this unwanted reminder of an ill-fated romance.


Agniya Kuznetsova
Aleksandr Vinogradov
Vladimir Dubosarsky
Aleksandr Gorchilin
… Antonin
Oksana Zemlynikova
Yury Turbin
… Vadim
Genre drama
Country Russia, 2013
Duration 115 min
Director Valeriya Gai Germanika
Script Aleksandr Rodionov
Producers Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Maxim Korolev
Camera operator Vsevolod Kaptur