Ten convicts, sentenced to living out the rest of their days on the Planet of Exiles, attempt to cross a lifeless wilderness in search of the mythical Happy Isles – a place where, supposedly, no harm can come to them; the Isles' actual existence, however, is little more than a rumor. The team splits into two groups, lead by Erwin Kahn and Just van Borg. Both men try to lead their followers along the same dangerous and unpredictable route. Their path to the Isles is barred by many obstacles. The ultimate prize is freedom and happiness. If such things exist…


Yevgeny Mironov
… Erwin Kahn
Vinnie Jones
… Just van Borg
Anna Chipovskaya
… Christie
Ivan Verkhovykh
Vladas Bagdonas
Genre science fiction
Country Russia, 2014
Director Dmitry Grachev
Script Aleksandr Gromov
Producers Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Dmitry Mednikov, Aleksey Kurenkov
Camera operator Ivan Gudkov
Music Aleksei Aigi