The Barman
The Barman


The Barman

The film's main character, Vadik, is an office worker, a small cog in the wheel without a future. Desperately out of means of brightening up his drab existence at least in some way, he wanders into an empty bar, where the mysterious Barman offers him a cocktail. As Vadik drains the wondrous liquid, the world around him undergoes a dramatic transformation: now everyone around him seems to find him attractive and intriguing. The magic cocktails help him win over a beautiful woman – a feat that until now, he did not dare as much as dream about. But Vadik is yet to find out if he can really change his fate by relying on cocktails alone.


Vitaly Gogunsky
Yuliya Parshuta
Ivan Okhlobystin
Liliya May
Olga Buzova
Daniil Soldatov