The 9th Company
The 9th Company



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The 9th Company

The USSR, the late eighties. Seven young recruits, after merely a few months of training, find themselves hurled into the crucible of the Afghan war. The troopers receive an order from the headquarters: occupy a high point and hold it at all costs, until a military convoy passes through. The reinforcements never arrive, however, and, vastly outmatched, the valiant members of the 9th Company fall. Their commander is the sole survivor; later on, he will find out that the war is over, and that everyone simply forgot that there were soldiers somewhere out there, mustering the last remainder of their strength to fight back…


Fedor Bondarchuk
… Khokhol
Aleksey Chadov
… Vorobey (Sparrow)
Ivan Kokorin
… Chugun (Cast Iron)
Artyom Mikhalkov
… Stas
Konstantin Kryukov
… Gioconda
Artur Smolyaninov
… Lyuty (Fierce)
Genre war drama
Country Russia, 2005
Duration 139 min
Director Fedor Bondarchuk
Script Yury Korotkov
Music Dato Evgenidze
Music production Andrey Feofanov
Producers Aleksandr Rodnyansky, Elena Yatsura, Sergey Melkumov, Fedor Bondarchuk
Line production Irina Kozhema, Andrey Khvatkov, Dmitry Rudovsky
Production Production