Turbulence Zone
Turbulence Zone


Turbulence Zone

The three short stories, called Irina, Mitya, and Serezha, describe three days in a life of today's business lady, her son, and her grandson, about whom the father and the grandmother find out only five years after he was born. Today we seem to have entered the "turbulence zone". We are rushing headlong, hurrying, trying to catch up. We are afraid to fall behind life, be left aside. We struggle and strain ourselves. We live a fake, somebody else's life. First come, first served. The most important thing is to stay in the know, to be like the others. We are flung to and fro, and get hit often and painfully. But there are some unsurmountable barriers, which this cyclone, and we, run into. Mitya, a young guy from Moscow, leads his own life. He doesn't care about "living like everyone". He keeps away from the "turbulence zone", and maintains some kind of balance in his life. There is the mother, as a matter of course, whose struggling to keep pace with the time he doesn't even try to understand; there are girlfriends, who must either take him as he is, or move aside; there is a favorite pastime to collect and work stones. He seems to be a destructive element in this total motion. Quite the reverse. If it was not for such people as him – leaving a peaceful life and doing their job – this cyclone would have destroyed us. When Mitya finds out that he will be a father, the news shakes him off balance. He can accept the fact, but he needs time. However Olga, the future baby's mother, and Irina, Mitya's own mother, want him to make fast decisions. Each of them feels his or her own way in this situation. Five years have passed. The "turbulence zone" has almost become deadly. Irina is trying to make a career by turning from a common vet into the company director. Olga takes care of the child alone, translating text by text for her son to grow up "as everyone". But Mitya hasn't changed, he remained himself. And when he meets his son, he is happy to find a twin soul.


Inga Strelkova-Oboldina
… Irina
Sergei Yepishev
… Mitya
Daria Semenova
… Olga
Svetlana Malyukova
… Tanya
Leonid Bichevin
… Konstantin
Genre melodrama
Country Russia, 2010
Duration 80 min
Director Evgenia Tirdatova
Script Evgenia Tirdatova
Producer Konstantin Serebryakov
Camera operator Dmitri Yermakov