A Chest of the Ancestors
A Chest of the Ancestors


A Chest of the Ancestors

Aidar, a lad from a Kirghiz village, leaves his home for a training course in Paris, where he stays and finds his love. Aidar decides to introduce his French fiancée to his parents. But Aidar turns coward among his relatives, as mixed marriages among the Kirghiz are a great disgrace.


Natacha Régnier
… Isabella
Bolot Tentimyshov
… Aidar
Marat Zhanteliev
… Osonbai
San Amanov
… Yusup
Absamat Uulu Nurseit
… Timur
Genre comedy, drama
Country Germany, Russia, France, Kyrgyzstan, 2005
Duration 94 min.
Director Kurbek Ehneg
Script Ekaterina Tirdatova
Music Alexei Aigi
Camera operator Dmitri Yermakov
Producers Antoine De Clermont-Tonnerre, Alex Mobius, Christoph Thoke