A Gun for Jennifer
A Gun for Jennifer


A Gun for Jennifer

This film shook the film community when it was released. The combination of ultraviolence and feminism caused a great deal of discussion. This uncompromising and rough film is a merciless action with antimasculine implications. The film is about a gang of females on an anti-rapist crusade, which turns into an frenetic war with men in general.


Deborah Twiss
... Jennifer / Allison
Benja Kay
... Dt. Billie Perez
Rene Alberta
... Becky
Tracy Dillon
... Grace
Freida Hoops
... Jesse
Original Name A gun for kennifier
Genre Drama, crime
Country USA, 1996
Duration 85 min.
Director Todd Morris
Script Todd Morris, Deborah Twiss
Camera operator David Tumblety
Producer Deborah Twiss