An Ancient Tale. When the Sun was a God
An Ancient Tale. When the Sun was a God


An Ancient Tale. When the Sun was a God

The film is set in Europe in the 9th century, when various Slavic tribes inhabited lands, which later became part of Poland. At that time each tribe worshiped its own god. Popiel, a cruel prince ("knyaz"), and his wife are making their best to for their son to succeed the land. (A legend goes that Popiel was eaten by mice in the end). The commander of Popiel's army, named Piastun, opposes the crimes and the scheming against the people, where he has to get involved for the sake of the cruel price to ensure the succession, and turns against him. Popiel seeks revenge upon his old commander, but a young hunter and warrior named Ziemek Pastovik saves Piastun's life. Ziemek spent many years with Vikings, and came to his native land quite recently. Ziemek falls in love with Dziwa, the daughter of Wisz, a rich local merchant. He wants to marry her, but Dziwa's father has already decided for her to become a priestess at a local temple…


Mikhal Zebrovski
... Ziemek
Marina Aleksandrova
... Dziwa
Malgorzata Foremniak
... Ksiezna
Daniel Olbrychski
... Piastun
Bogdan Stupka
... Popiel
Original Name An Ancient Tale: When the Sun Was a God
Genre fantasy
Country Poland, 2003
Duration 135 min
Director Jerzy Hoffman
Script Józef Hen, Jerzy Hoffman
Music Krzesimir Debski
Producers Jerzy R. Michaluk, Jerzy Hoffman