Apocalypse Code
Apocalypse Code


Apocalypse Code

Jaffad Ben Zayidi, terrorist No.1, has seized four nuclear warheads from a sunken submarine, and hidden them in the largest megacities of the world. The warhead is activated with an 11-digit code. This code can be determined only by putting together the digits, which are known to three of Jaffad's closest mates, which no one has ever seen. But the terrorist gets killed under strange circumstances, while his former partner, named Executioner, intends to activate the bombs. FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) and CIS begin tracking him down with the help of Agent Mary, who was infiltrated into Jaffad's organization a few years ago. Now, having a new cover story, her mission is to save the world.


Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
… Mary
Vincent Perez
… Louie
Vladimir Menshov
… Kharitonov
Aleksey Serebryakov
… Sergei and Agent Wanderer
Oleg Shtefanko
… Mike Hutchins
Oscar Kuchera
… Anton, messenger
Genre action
Country Russia, 2007
Duration 105 min.
Director Vadim Shmelev
Script Denis Karyshev, Vadim Shmelev
Camera operator Dayan Gaytkulov
Music Dmitri Dankov, Vsevolod Saksonov
Producers Sergei Zhigunov, Sergei Gribkov, Sergei Bazhenov