Claang: the Game
Claang: the Game


Claang: the Game

Very long ago, a cruel game, where two teams of warriors participated, decided who had the power. The game resembles a gladiator fight on a vast arena. By using deceit and corruption, ambitious Sahr maintains his great power. He rules as he wills, and his team is almost invincible. Tyr, a warlord, retreats to an island with his beloved Elanor, but finally decides to restore justice. Sahr's power is enforced due to his ownership of an ancient magic symbol, made by ancient craftsmen of the Claang culture, which became extinct. Tyr has to wage war without hope of restoring his honor or returning his love, but this choice leads him to the rescue of our world, thought he is not aware of it… *Claang is the symbol: 4 snakes form an oval, where figures of two warriors fight with swords, as gladiators on the arena. Every day such arenas sees new fights, which become the life mission of the gladiators. Claang is the beginning all arenas and battles.


Francesco Chinchella
... Tyr
Suzi Lorraine
... Elanor
Maurizio Corigliano
... Duke William
Paolo Tonti
... Sahr
Paolo Pizzo
... Biran
Original Name Claang the game
Genre fantasy, adventure
Country Italy, 2009
Duration 104 min.
Director Stefano Milla
Script Maurizio Bazzano, Stefano Milla
Music Giovanni Lodigiani
Producers Stefano Milla