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The shooting of Biting the Bullet (Derzhu Udar) film, full of regular pursuits and gunfighting, takes place at the former holiday home for film-makers. A young film director is trying to follow the script, written by a famous script-writer. Things go as they are planned until the place is visited by a producer, who orders to remake the thriller into a melodrama, and then, into a musical drama. And he doesn't care that half of the film is done.


Valerii Nikolaev
… Vitalii Sergeyevich
Tatyana Lavrova
… Tatyana Yurievna
Stanislav Lyubshin
… Georgi Ivanovich
Eugene Steblov
… Lev Andreyevich
Fedor Bondarchuk
… Nikolai Zhiltsov
Genre drama, comedy, Russia, 2002
Duration 86 min
Director Valery Rubinchik
Script Anatoly Grebnev
Producers Valentin Chernykh, Sergei Melkumov
Camera operator Victor Shestoperov
Music Svyatoslav Kurashov, Vladimir Volkov
Production Russia, Mosfilm Group, Slovo producing company