Kamikaze's Diary
Kamikaze's Diary


Kamikaze's Diary

Kamikazes kept no diaries. Kamikazes carried death to the world they hated by steering their planes right into American aircraft carriers. Kamikazes believed, that they were embodiments of the "divine wind". All that a Kamikaze needs is a shot of sake before their plane takes off, and enough fuel for a one-way flight. The 55-year old Vadim is anything but a kamikaze. He loves simple pleasures life can give: good cognac and expensive, young women. He loves himself. However, he can feel the chasm's breath. He carries death. For himself and the people he knows. He keeps a diary. The kamikaze's diary…


Sergei Shakurov
… Vadim
Yury Kuznetsov
… Victor
Nikolai Chindaykin
… Maxim
Victoria Tolstoganova
… Larisa
Evgenia Dobrovolskaya
… Dasha
Genre drama
Country Russia, 2003
Duration 105 min
Director Dmitry Meskhiev
Script Eduard Volodarsky
Camera operator Sergei Machilski, R.G.C.
Music Svyatoslav Kurashov
Producers Viktor Glukhov, Sergei Melkumov, Yelena Yatsura
Production SLOVO Poducing Cmpany, Art Pictures, Non-Stop Production