'20 cigarettes'
'20 cigarettes'


'20 cigarettes'

One day in a life of a modern young man, who works as a manager at a large advertising agency. During this day, he smokes up a box of cigarettes, and with each new cigarette and scene of the film, gets more and more engulfed in the events and conflicts…


Galina Tyunina
… The Yogurt Queen
Oscar Kuchera
Maxim Sukhanov
Ilya Lyubimov
Olga Volkova
Genre comedy
Country Russia, 2007
Duration 90 min
Director Aleksandr Gornovskiy
Script Dmitri Sobolev, Eteri Chalandzia, Olga Gudanets
Producers Irina Smolko, Maxim Sukhanov
Music Sergei Chekryzhov