Art Pictures Studio was found in 1991 by Fedor Bondarchuk and Stepan Mikhalkov as a production company specialized in music videos and ad spots. Music videos produced by Art Pictures won a lot of awards of All-Russian and international competitions, as well as the Ovacia (Ovation) national music award. Since that time the company has produced over 140 commercial videos.

Among studio’s clients are such companies as HEINZ, PHILIPS, SONY, ZIKR (Colgate total), WORLD CLASS, PEPSI (MTv), and TUMANEYAN OIL AND GAS COMPANY, EUROSET.RU, RADIO HIT FM, VNUKOVO AIRLINES and many others. Particular attention should be paid to one of the latest video works made by Art Pictures Studio. Its a number of videos representing Moscow as a candidate to host the 2012 Olympics. These clips, grasping the noble beauty and unsolved mystery of the Russian sole, were demonstrated at the final session of the International Olympic Committee, which was held in Singapore, as well as on CNN and CBS TV channels.

In 2002 Art Pictures Studio started as a film production company, the following films were released in collaboration with Slovo Studio: MOVING by Filipp Yankovsky, BLACK ICE by Michael Brashinsky and DIARY OF A KAMIKADZE by Dmitry Meskhiev. All of them were greatly appreciated by viewers and film critics.

The true success came in 2005, – after the release of THE 9TH COMPANY, a full-length debut directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, the Art Pictures Studio founder. The film became a leader in the domestic box-office, raised a total sum of $25 million and collected a great amount of awards (3 NIKA awards, including “The Best Film of the Year”, 4 Golden Eagle awards, including The Best Film of the Year, 6 Golden Aries awards, including The Best Film of the Year, MTV Film Awards, including The Best Film Team, the Grand Prix of the Viva, Russias Cinema! and others). Moreover, in 2006, Russia selected the film as its candidate for the Oscar Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2006, the Art Pictures Studio confirmed its status of a successful and viewer-oriented company by releasing THE HEAT, film directed by Rezo Gigineishvili. This low-budget comedy grossed over $16.5 million in a domestic box-office and became the most profitable Russian film of the year.

In October 2007, Art Pictures Studio released THE POLAR ADVENTURES, an animated feature film. The animated film was a participant of the Russian Program during the 29th Moscow International Film Festival (2007), received the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts and the Award For the Best Character of Animated Film for Children at the International Festival of Animated Films for Children (2006).

The new big project produced by the Art Pictures Studio was released in late 2008 THE INHABITED ISLAND, a sci-fi action movie by Fedor Bondarchuk, based on a best-seller book by Strugatsky brothers which was translated to more than 60 languages. THE INHABITED ISLAND was made with a record-setting budget in Russian history. The film was released in two parts in late 2008 and in early 2009.

In spring 2010 a psychological thriller THE PHOBOS was released in several countries at the same time: in Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Germany and Japan. In January 2011 it was awarded for the best horror movie on the First Russian Annual Horror Movie Awards 2010.

In the year 2009 Fedor Bondarchuk and Dmitry Rudovsky formed Art Pictures Media, a distribution company focusing on Russian and foreign independent movies as well as their own Art Pictures Studios releases. Currently, Art Pictures Media is proud to present, among them: 20 CIGARETTES, 1814, THE APOCALYPSE CODE, THE MAGICIAN, THE ONE WHO SWITCHES OFF THE LIGHT, THE POLAR ADVENTURES, and Art Pictures Studio's releases: THE HEAT, THE INHABITED ISLAND, AND THE PHOBOS.

Art Pictures Studio successfully joins effort with partner studios. A romantic comedy TWO DAYS was produced with Central Partnership Company in the year 2010 and drama SOULLESS, based on the bestseller of 2006 novel by Sergey Minaev, was produced the same year together with Kinoslovo Company. The top of the future production plans of Art Pictures Studio include comedy ODNOKLASSNIKI.RU (RUSSIAN CLASSMATES), a detective movie THE WINTER QUEEN (starring Milla Jovovich and Anton Yelchin) and the war drama STALINGRAD (2012).